Gardening is in the DNA of New Zealanders and Auckland is no exception, where a moderate climate combined with a diverse range of outdoor spaces makes gardening a popular pastime.

There are many Auckland landscaping specialists that can help you make your property look its best. They offer a range of services that include hard and soft landscaping, garden maintenance, planting plans, irrigation and more.
Warwick Price Landscaping

Creating stunning outdoor living and garden areas is the passion of the Auckland landscapers at Warwick Price Landscaping. They are committed to ensuring that every landscaping project is carried out in a professional and timely manner.

They are experts in hard landscaping, paving and retaining walls and can work closely with clients to design their perfect outdoor space. Their team can also offer maintenance services such as tree pruning and weeding.

It is no secret that lawns can take up a lot of time and energy to care for. This is especially true for those in the city who are busy with their jobs or studies.

If you want to enjoy your lawn more, you should hire a professional to take care of it for you. These experts will come to your home and mow the lawn, weed-eat, trim the bushes and remove any debris. They will do this on a weekly basis.

Second Nature Garden

Second Nature Garden offers a range of landscaping services from planting plans to hard landscaping. Their team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of work and attention to detail.

A good garden can increase your property value and give you a great place to relax outdoors when it’s nice outside. This is especially true for commercial properties where landscaping can have a positive impact on customer satisfaction and a seven percent increase in rental rates.

It’s important to find a gardening company that can provide these services and that you can trust. You want to ensure that you’re getting the most value for your money and that you can enjoy your garden year after year.

Second Nature Garden Design is a small, creative landscape studio based in Auckland with a passion for the natural beauty of the world around us. The studio has a strong emphasis on ‘ecologically responsive’ and ‘low maintenance’ solutions for clients who want to create beautiful gardens that complement their home, their lifestyle and their ecological values.

Feature Landscapes

Feature Landscapes is a Landscape Construction, Design and Maintenance company based in Aotearoa. They approach this industry with a sense of connection to your home, your health and the environment.

Using a variety of techniques they can create stunning outdoor spaces that are both beautiful and functional. Their portfolio includes garden makeovers, water features, pergolas and more.

They have an excellent reputation for being able to exceed their clients’ expectations with the highest quality of work. They also have strict processes in place to ensure that the job is completed on time and on budget.

Using timber, tiles, brickwork and stainless steel, they can design and construct something that you will love for years to come. Contact them today to discuss your project and find out more about how they can help you achieve your dream outdoor space! The best landscaping services can transform your backyard into a place you will always enjoy. With a wealth of experience, they will ensure that your property is designed to impress you and your family.

Zones Landscaping

Zones Landscaping Specialists offer a full range of landscaping services including design and build, hardscaping, softscaping and more. The company also offers a wide selection of landscape products and supplies.

When designing your landscaping, it’s important to divide up your property into zones. This will help you to plan your landscaping and ensure that it stays on budget and within your desired style. For example, you may want to create different areas for traffic, recreation and more.

Alternatively, you could have one zone that is dedicated to the grass and another for a low maintenance garden. You can even use zones to separate areas with different water requirements.

Following the success of Refresh Renovations, the directors of Traffic Group created Zones – a franchise business that provides homeowners with exceptional service, end-to-end project management and, essentially, an experience that allows them to achieve their ideas on-time and on-budget! The business model is designed from the top down to transform the multi-billion per year residential landscaping and outdoor living market.