Sensitive equipment needs serious protection. Since 1976 Pelican Protector cases have been designed rugged and trusted to travel the harshest environments on earth.

Made in the USA, Pelican cases are waterproof, dustproof and crushproof. Their dependable design includes an automatic pressure valve that equalizes air pressure, easy-open double throw latches and stainless steel padlock protectors for security.

Rugged Strength

The cases feature crushproof HPX2 polymer walls and a tough-as-nails exterior to protect your valuable gear from impact, drops and harsh environments. They’re also dust proof and water tight, with a built in pressure equalization valve that prevents vacuum lock.

The latches have a double-throw design and produce a satisfying “CLUNK” when closed, making it difficult to open the case by accident. They have 2 metal holes to allow the addition of padlocks for extra security.

Large Pelican cases are well suited to transporting bulky equipment that would be difficult or expensive to carry on your person, such as cameras, a laptop and tablet, medical supplies and tools. They’re available in a variety of colors and configurations and are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence.

The larger cases are fairly heavy, which may be a consideration for those mindful of travel weight and flight baggage requirements. However, cases with padded dividers are an alternative and significantly lighter.


Whether you need to protect your camera, smartphone, laptop or firearm, Pelican cases provide the level of protection that you need. The Protector, Storm, Air and Vault case lines offer a variety of features that are ideal for law enforcement, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and more.

All Pelican cases are crushproof, watertight and dustproof. They are also designed to withstand extreme temperatures, impacts and immersions. Pelican’s legendary standards of strength are evident in the entire line, with case features such as an automatic purge valve that equalizes pressure, a watertight silicone O-ring lid and over-molded rubber handles.

Several cases feature an EMS mount for wireless charging, eliminating the need to remove the case when you charge your mobile device. Additionally, most cases are compatible with a range of other accessories.

Easy Transport

Whether they’re being hauled by a forklift or just tossed into a vehicle, Pelican cases are designed to be easily moved. Many cases feature a retractable extension trolley handle and rugged wheels for easy maneuvering. In addition, most Pelican case lines are designed to meet airline carry-on and checked baggage policies.

The Storm and Air case series feature a lighter proprietary polypropylene formula called HPX2. This lighter material offers the same crushproof, solid wall design as the Protector case series, but it’s up to 40 percent lighter and is ideal for air travel.

Each case line also features Press and Pull latches, a smarter version of the classic C-clamp design. These latches lock automatically and open effortlessly with a light touch. Unlike most competitor’s cases, these latches also meet IP67 and MIL STD 810G standards! Besides, they’re quieter in operation.


Thrown out of helicopters in Iraq, floated in frigid fjords and rolled across rough terrain, Pelican cases have earned a global reputation as the toughest injection-molded cases in the world. From cell phone cases that keep up with on-the-go lifestyles, to carriers that transport life-saving military and medical equipment, Pelican cases keep gear safe and secure – no matter how high the stakes.

Precision CNC milled case panels are the perfect way to customize and add accessories to your Pelican cases. We offer a wide variety of stock options as well as the ability to design your own panel layout with our easy-to-use CAD software and get them produced right here in the UK, ensuring your cases are ready for your valuable gear upon arrival.

Make your Pelican case work overtime and brand it with your company logo – in multiple colors as decals or hot stamps, and using strict PMS print controls. We can also apply additional certifications like ATA coded locks to meet your specific requirements.